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Our Foundation

Join a community where you can know what it feels like to always come first. Our core values are rooted in the foundational principles of servant leadership and come to life through immersive, experiential learning.

We understand that leadership development is NOT an academic exercise. True leadership requires intentional effort, self-sacrifice, and an ongoing commitment. Experience the BGL difference and see true servant leadership in action.

At Bossy Girl

Our Mission

We are making YOUR world a better place… one leader, one man, one woman, one organization at a time!

How do WE do it?

Our goal is to provide a pathway to reach your optimal organizational and leadership effectiveness. The tool to reach that effectiveness may be training, coaching, leadership development boot camp, performance management, training trainers, or teambuilding. But just like a doctor can’t know the proper diagnosis until examination, we cannot design your ultimate experience without understanding where you are starting. One call is all it takes. Are you ready to make a change?!?

One Leader

Professional Coaching on Purpose

One Organization

Organizational Effectiveness on Purpose

One Woman

LeadHERship Boot Camp on Purpose

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