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What if the journey to embracing your power and leading with heart is just at the end of the yellow brick road? Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable expedition that unlocks the magic inside you?

In “Beautifully Bossy,” Kristal, a seasoned leadership consultant, invites readers on a profound journey of personal transformation. Written amidst her own battles with inner demons, Kristal fearlessly confronts societal stereotypes and challenges the stigma often associated with assertive women. Through her introspective exploration, she unveils a powerful healing process she developed and embraced, based on the servant leadership practices of authenticity, courage, grace, and love.

Kristal shares her struggles openly, inviting readers to confront their own insecurities and limitations. With candor and vulnerability, she recounts her evolution from “bossy girl” to servant leader. Much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Kristal finds herself confronting the formidable “bosses” of fear, judgment, imposter syndrome, and ego—her own Wicked Witch of the West.

Through relatable anecdotes and insightful reflections, Kristal inspires readers to reclaim their power, embrace their authenticity, and lead with love. She highlights the importance of vulnerability as a source of strength and guides readers towards a deeper understanding of self-empowerment and the transformative potential of embracing one’s purpose and inherent leadership qualities.

As readers journey through the pages of “Beautifully Bossy,” they are guided towards a deeper understanding of self-empowerment and the transformative potential of embracing one’s true essence. Kristal’s book serves as a magical compass, helping readers navigate the twists and turns of the yellow brick road with grace and authenticity. By the journey’s end, they discover that true leadership is not found in grand illusions, but in the quiet courage to embrace one’s true self and lead with an open heart.


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    Love Letter from Kristal

    Throughout history, women have been encouraged and even demanded to remain silent. The B-words have been just one way to lower our voice, lessen our power, and impede our leadership. This Worldwide Women’s Wholeness Wave that we are a part of will make sure none of that happens again. I shared my story with you so you know you are not alone.

    I want you to know you are no less of a lady or a woman for being radically honest and courageous about who you are and what you are meant to be. At the tender age of six, girls begin to accept the belief that boys are stronger and smarter. A plain fact faces us all; If we want to lead others well and fulfill the purpose we were made for, we must walk through our darkness. We must face and defeat fear, masks, judgment, and ego. On the other side of that battle is your full power. It comes from an over-flowing self-love that serves others and creates relationships that last a lifetime.

    With all of that said, there is one more thing.  Growing in your mindset and your ability to lead and connect with others is NOT an academic exercise. You must DO something! You will have to choose action, choose love, choose courage, and choose leadership repeatedly.  This is the work that will change that empty spot inside of you that says you are meant for more. This is your voice. This is your power. Keep choosing Bossy. For you. Because you deserve this.

    Love Relentlessly, BG

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