Bossy Girl, My Super Power

Kristal Murren, President of Bossy Girl Leadership, is redefining BOSSY to ensure that women will never play smaller or speak softer because of a word. Please don’t be mistaken, bossy is not how she leads. Her bossy nature is the authenticity and courage that powers her ability to influence others and never accept defeat as the final answer.

This “Bossy Girl” will walk beside you in creating excellence through adversity. Why? Because there is no joy or purpose in mediocrity. She is striving for greatness and telling the story as it unfolds so that we all can walk together in owning our power.

Why would you bring Kristal into your life and your organization? Because she has walked through the fires of life and uses that experience to build effective leaders and leadership cultures that make your world a better place.

With nearly two decades of proven experience in building leaders, inspiring teams, and training trainers. She has provided keynote addresses, leadership development programs, and consulting services across the Mid-Atlantic for clients such as: The Discovery Channel, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Maryland Department of Human Resources, Planet Fitness, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, among many others.

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