The Bossy Girl (noun)

1. Willing to go first. 2. Committed to women owning their full power and purpose 3. Catalyst of a movement 4. Speaker, facilitator, author

Relentlessly Committed to Leading
Others in Victorious Experiences.

In partnership we will:

  • Assess the space between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Create the experiences needed to successfully drive your mission.
  • Develop direction, facilitate alignment, and inspire commitment that never quits.

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Do you have what it takes to
be a Bossy Girl?

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One Leader

Professional Coaching
on Purpose

One Organization

Organizational Effectiveness
on Purpose

One Woman

LeadHERship Boot Camp
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Capable of More?

Bossy Girl Leadership is more than a leadership development consulting firm. It’s more than a group of people changing the world. It’s a way of being. A paradigm shift. An experience. A MOVEMENT.

At Bossy Girl Leadership, we facilitate overall acceptance and accountability for your organization’s climate and the success of your followers and mission. We have consultants, coaches, and trainers ready to customize your experience! Are you ready to be proud of your healthy organizational culture? Do you want your people to stand behind you and your mission relentlessly? Do you want to become a leader that others want to follow?

Then it’s time to GET BOSSY! Because BOSSY NEVER QUITS!