It’s All Possible Podcast: Kristal Murren, President Bossy Girl Leadership

Kristal Murren is from Pennsylvania, USA who is President of Bossy Girl Leadership a leadership development consulting firm. But Bossy Girl is more than this, way more. It’s more than a group of people changing the world. It’s a way of being. A paradigm shift. A mindset. A MOVEMENT.
Choosing to “be bossy” is a willingness to boldly look at all you are with acceptance and then make the crucial choices necessary to fulfill your greatness. We want to help you to build character, inspire your team and even train your trainers.
Don’t be mistaken, bossy is not how Kristal leads, it is how she inspires trust and doesn’t quit. It is also how we should all facilitate overall acceptance and accountability for your organization’s climate and the success of your followers and mission. Bossy is the willingness to fearlessly keep getting up and moving forward with confidence even when facing adversity.

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