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Through many years of practice, facilitation, research, and failure; I uncovered the secret of undying influence.  The one that works EVERY TIME! And I am ready to share it with YOU!

This One’s Gonna Sting!

There’s something I need to say, and you need to hear: “No one cares about you.”  Sorry if that smarts, but this is the hard truth that every great leader must accept. Leadership is not about you – it’s not about your ego, your reputation, or your popularity.  It IS about the mission and the people who serve to accomplish it.  As a leader,  your challenge is to accomplish the mission by meeting the legitimate needs of your followers. This means continually putting your people first.  It’s a difficult skill to master, but it’s the most valuable one you must learn, to become the best leader you can be.

Want to be Happy?

If you get the house, the car, the guy, the job – you’ll FINALLY be happy, right??? WRONG!!!  We often think we’ll be happy when we get what we want. Turns out, it doesn’t really work that way. Deep happiness isn’t at all a result of piles of things.  And it doesn’t have to wait until you lose those 10 pounds, create a larger social media following, change legislation, complete your book, or anything else. Happiness is the result of embracing grace and gratitude in your current situation.  In this module, we follow the path of acceptance and cast out the judgments that keep us from manifesting deep happiness.

The Key to True Love.

When we think about true love, the first things we envision are Cupid, hearts, butterflies, and long embraces. And, when Prince Charming throws his dirty socks beside the laundry basket true love is out the window, right???  NO!  From the BOSSY perspective, this is exactly where so much of the pain we weather is born. The issue is that we often perceive love only through our emotions. However, Love is not just about how you feel. Love is a choice. It’s a choice about your behaviors. It’s the choice to put the needs of others above your own. True love is sacrificial – mission first, people second, you last. How might your life, your marriage, your family, and your friendships be different if you make every decision using this perspective?  In this module, we will reveal the secret to unlocking true love and all the wonders it bestows!

Conquering the Awkward Ask.

Have you ever noticed that feeling deep down inside when you are asking something uncomfortable or disagreeing for good reason? If you are like me, I was raised to be a “lady.” No one ever said it to me, but the unspoken rules for young girls were:

1. Speak when spoken to
3. Look at the ground

2. Agree for the good of the order
4. Play it safe

Women have been culturally hardwired to believe that people will like us when we “go along to get along.” The problem with this is that if we are to lead others effectively, we must we willing to rise above the old stories and get uncomfortable, even awkward. 

In this module I will share the key to allowing questions like the following roll off your tongue with ease: Who did you vote for? When will I receive my much-deserved raise? Have you noticed that weird smell? Did you write that yourself? Why did you REALLY hire her?

Or even – Suzie, I’m sorry you’re not the most qualified candidate. Sandy, you have violated the code of conduct and I’m going to put you on a performance plan. Lisa, you are not the best fit for our company. I love you, and I’m going to miss you. Time to get weird… Let’s get BOSSY!

Your Wrapper.

We talk a lot about leadership styles – how about clothing styles??? What does it mean to LOOK like a woman who leads? Does it matter?  Should it matter?  Are my 6-inch heels and form-fitting black dresses projecting the smart, professional woman that I am?  How about a men’s polo shirt and khakis?  Or even a green mohawk? Can these be appropriate in the workplace? The whole truth is that the best leaders are about something bigger than themselves. What is that for you? How do you show that to others? In this module, we’ll help you create a personal brand that is congruent with your values and objectives. This will help ensure you present yourself in ways that will get you what you REALLY want.

More ALONE than Ever!?!

In my research of some of the most influential women, there is a clear theme. Women in positions of influence are lonely. And they are becoming more so by the day. There often aren’t other women to connect with. As of April 2021, only 8.2% of the C-Suite was female.  Adding to that challenge is the fact that, the less women there are in your field, the more likely you will be disproportionately observed, questioned, and underestimated.  No wonder it’s nearly impossible to maintain women in STEM fields!

The challenges seem endless. You can’t be a woman and have a strong opinion or no one will like you. You can’t share your fears, show doubt, or ask questions – “they” already believe you are inadequate and unprepared. You already struggle with wearing the mask of the imposter, how does one create connection and alliances with others when you’re not even sure you belong here?

There is no magic wand, and I can’t take it all away, but I can help. In this module, we will help you learn to build trusting professional relationships and create alliances – especially with other women.

Why don’t THEY get it?

Why is everyone else so difficult to work with? Why can’t everyone just be more like me?  Sure, communicating would be easier with clones, but what would be the point? The truth is that building teams of individuals with significant differences is what make us successful.  This is important for leaders because if you understand the differences, you will be able to build bridges that accomplish what often seems impossible. Your brilliance and incredible strengths will be even more formidable when you are able to partnership with people with other strengths. The problem with “others” often isn’t their problem at all.  It’s the leadership’s (your) inability to maximize the productivity of diverse individuals.

The Problem with Men!

This opinion often gets me in hot water as a tried-and-true believer in the value of women, but I believe it to be a fundamental truth. Men and women are different. While I find the argument between the social constructs of feminism and the biological differences irrelevant in many circumstances, it is critical to be able to work within what is real and present in this very moment.

Men and women often see problems from different angles, generate juxtaposed solutions, and measure success differently. Interestingly, if we have the secret translator and speak the same language, we can complete missions that would otherwise be impossible.

Would it be helpful to have the key to unlocking gender communication?  What if you knew EXACTLY how to lead the men in your organization to work beside you instead of against you?  Might that have value? In this module, we will share with you some of the juiciest tips and tools to speak Martian.  


Do you have a woman in your life that you KNOW she has your back and would sacrifice her own life for yours? YES!?!  That’s amazing!  I love my Mom too!  😉  Oh wait, it’s not your Mom?  It’s your Aunt/Daughter??   Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but have you noticed that it’s incredibly uncommon for women to trust each other?

I often speculate the cause of the discord and judgement that I’ve been victim to and I’ve perpetrated. Is it born from scarcity? Ambition? Competition?  Deep inside our primal brain, do we believe we must stand out for the most eligible caveman to drag us home by our hair???  WTF?  Seriously.

I’ve done extensive scholarly research on this topic and it is time that we stop reinforcing paradigms that have long outlived their usefulness. Women are the most powerful, untapped resource in the world. Imagine what we could do if we bolstered each other and stopped putting each other down. Imagine what it would feel like to know that the woman on the other side of the boardroom has your back. Do you want that?  Start here. We can do this.

Bossy Intimacy.

Intimacy, passion, desire. We are made to crave connection and communion. Often the deepest relationships in our lives exist to make us stronger and heal past wounds. If you long to feel seen, heard, and desired, it’s this easy. You must hold space for your partner, you must clear contention, you must speak and live courageously, and you must be vulnerable about your thoughts, fears, and dreams.

So often when there is lack in relationship, it is because we are yearning for the connection that is born when experiencing trust in action. Join me for this unexpected module that will use the laws of attraction to amplify the satisfaction of your life.

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