The BOSSY Girl Delivers It All – “She is Inspiration, Influence, & Hard-Hitting Application Techniques that will change how you live your life!”

Kristal is redefining BOSSY to ensure that women will never play it small because of a word. Don’t be mistaken, bossy is not how we lead. Bossy has been redefined to mean boldly living your authenticity with courage. As women embrace their power, we build bridges that lessen the gender gap and inspire the communication of an unbreakable team. She is nationally recognized for her high energy, empowering, captivating style.

“Kristal’s superpower is that of connection. I underestimated my own influence and ability to lead others, until her.”

– Bossy Brigade Participant


Don’t sleep through another PowerPoint presentation.  Don’t sit and count the minutes until the speaker (PLEASE!) stops talking about themselves!  Kristal is a facilitator that understands that “IT” is all about YOU!  Together we will delve into and uncover your pain points while creating solutions that make your world a better place.

She is a perfect choice to address:

Servant Leadership • Fabulous Facilitation • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion • Owning Your Power • Promoting Team Interdependence • Emotional Intelligence • Personality Styles • 360 degree assessments


Pivoting in our post-Covid virtual world is not always easy.  Kristal and the Bossy Girl team has used this time to cut through the noise, enjoy disruption, and strategically employ application techniques from our computers to yours!  Stand out from the competition by engaging your team with a virtual ropes course,  discovering their courage and vulnerability, and dynamically applying the skill of honesty in action! Every program concludes with a personal action plan that ensures you act immediately!


Don’t take my word for it, hear what others are saying about the changes BOSSY Girl Leadership is doing in their lives.